LifeQuest is an inspiring series of messages preached by Faith For Today's Mike Tucker, along with Elizabeth Talbot, Associate Speaker for the Voice of Prophecy radio ministry. LifeQuest is designed to assist you in discovering a more fulfilling relationship with the Life Giver. The series was originally presented in 2009 in Pasadena, California, before a live audience and was simultaneously aired worldwide by satellite.
Show Title Description
01 Jesus the Life Giver Part 1
02 In Search of the Life Giver Part 2
03 Map Quest: How the Bible Guides Your Search for God Part 3
04 Dying to Live Baptism as a Path to Life Part 4
05 Laws For Living Part 5
06 Rest and Renewal Part 6
07 Rest and Eternal Life Part 7
08 Judged Worthy of Life Part 8
09 Gifts of Love for the Life Giver Part 9
10 Heart Song! How Worship Gives you Life Part 10
11 Glory! Face to Face with the Life Giver Part 11
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