Lifestyle Magazine


Life can be difficult! So where do we find the help we need in facing real-life challenges? Lifestyle Magazine is a weekly talk show designed to address the health, relationship, and social issues people face every day. Hosts Mike and Gayle Tucker interview a variety of authors, experts, and interesting guests who share their stories and practical advice.

Lifestyle Magazine is modeled after Christ’s method of ministry. Just as He cared for His followers by meeting their physical and emotional needs, Lifestyle Magazine seeks to earn viewers’ trust by offering insightful answers and practical help for life from a Christian perspective. Lifestyle Magazine seeks to overcome religious prejudice—to offer hope, help, healing, and a personal connection with a God who cares.

This entertaining, award-winning program can be seen in North America on broadcast and cable television in over 450 markets. Check you local listing for Lifestyle Magazine on the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) and Hope Channel.

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